How’s a Facebook whistleblower, is affecting all social media is down.

Facebook outage map Located in California, San Francisco Reported that they are working on the issue to get it to resolve, apparently is a DNS Server is down Globally which cause the major problem.

Despite the problem that Facebook has encountered on different days, from the whistleblower’s accusations and its handling research data suggesting Instagram is harmful to teens, Its entire network of services suddenly went off the server.

How can this affect the company due to an attack, or has the government has stepped down and removed the social media of greed.

we are still waiting for the gurus of social media to have not talked about it, just issue a minor statement that they are aware of the issue and working on promptly to resolve it.

Its Facebook game over!

Facebook whistleblower mentions, that Facebook uses the information to hurt the public, and that’s why we are misinformation to the public, and Facebook is been dangerous, she went to the police and made a report of the algorithm is picking that content that gets a reaction the content angry content that keeps them on the platform.

Facebook is down due to legal problems affecting the marketplace.